3 Ways Shapewear is Ruining your Style...and How to Quickly fix it

Many curvy women inadvertently ruin their first, second and third impression. Here are 3 common mistakes and what to do instead, plus I've put together a helpful audit for your shapewear. 

You have no idea what underwear to wear 

Are you absolutely clueless about this shapewear business? Maybe you have no idea why there are so many options for underclothes. You just wish that clothing came with an instruction guide, right?



Your clothing is designed to be worn on top of a foundation. Now I'm definitely not telling you to wear head to toe Spanx everyday but different types of clothing are made to be worn a certain understructure. 

For everyday wear this is typically a bra, panties and perhaps a slip. If you don't need the support of a bra then a camisole (cami) may be a comfortable alternative. The more formal the outfit the more structure it typically requires.

Semi-formal gowns usually are more fitted than everyday clothing. They often have extra layers of lining and support built into them. In addition to this, these type of dresses/gowns are really designed to be supported by additional support from shapewear to look the way the designer intended.

If you have a special occasion or are attending an event for a level of dress you aren't familiar feel free to use the power of Google, a personal stylist or a stylish friend for help!

I have a round up of some the best Curvy Sorority Shapewear blog posts I've found online. Plus don't miss out on my free guide "Curvy Shapewear Resources" and "Shapewear Audit."

Wearing the Wrong Size Bra

You've probably heard the statistic that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra (Huffington Post). That statistic may be inflated, but as any women past the age of puberty knows how confusing and challenging it can be when it comes to bra shopping! Although there are standardized bra (band/cup) sizes, the fit and size can vary drastically even within one manufacturer.


Professional bra fitting is the answer! Your breast size and shape changes as you age, get pregnant, go through menopause, change medications and gain/lose weight. If you've had any of these life changes since the last time you went bra shopping, now is a great time to get re-fitted.

A professional bra fitter will ensure that you not only have the correct size but also style of bra. Higher end department stores and specialty lingerie shops are the best bet for a great fitting, especially if you are well endowed. Once you've got the right size and style, you'll need to care for your new shapewear, get my free guide below to learn how!


You think shapewear is restrictive

Many plus size/curvy women have tried "shapewear" once or twice and found it restrictive or uncomfortable. To be perfectly honest some of it just is. 

When I use the term shapewear I use it broadly in the sense of the old school term "foundations". I mean pretty much anything that is under the outer clothing that you wear. I don't just mean Spanx or girdles, but bras, panties and slips.

Properly fitting, well made shapewear should not cut into any part of your body. It should give support but not restrict movement. If you have a friend (or blog you follow) with a similar body type and size ask them for recommendations. Then with your current measurements (or go back to you new BFF your professional bra fitter) try on several styles and see what works with you body best. Eliminate those that don't work or are uncomfortable.

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