3 Mistakes You are Making with Your Bras...and How to fix them

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Many women inadvertently wear the wrong size bra. Heck many of the surveys show only about 20% of women are wearing the correct size. But besides figuring out the elusive right bra size, here are 3 common mistakes and what to do instead. Plus I've got a Bra Sizing Quick Reference Guide for you in the Resource Library, read to the end to find out how to get it free.

Not caring for your bra correctly

Whether your bra is made of fine lace or sturdy cotton, you should take care to take good care of your bras. Of course the more sheer or lacy a bra is the more gentle you should be. Even seemingly heavy weight fabrics of supportive bras need special care.

Ideally bras should hand washed with a gentle cleanser. There are specific laundry soaps made for your delicates. In my world I rarely have time to hand wash anything so I often wash in the washing machine.

To successfully wash your bras in your machine, please just a mesh garment or bra bag. These little gems will help protect your delicates from getting snagged or damaged. Also take care to wash similar colors in the rest of the wash and please nothing with zippers or heavy fabrics (definitely no jeans). We wash all of our clothes in perfume and dye free laundry soap, so I typically do not use a separate cleanser for my delicates.

When it comes to drying your delicates, ideally hang to dry. If you do have to pop in the dryer keep in the garment bag. Just keep in mind that heat damages delicate fabrics and over time stretchy fabrics will lose their elasticity (ability to bounce back to original size and shape).

Not getting re-fitted at the right time

If you're a women through puberty you already know that your body can drastically (and sometimes quickly) change size and shape! The wrong size bra can make you look heavier and frumpier.

Keep this in mind as you lose weight, gain weight, gain muscle, have a change in hormones that you probably should get yourself a professional bra fitting. My rule of thumb is if you change weight by 10 or more pounds it's time for a fitting I'm a big supporter of professional fittings and they are typically free.

A professional bra fitting will save you a lot of frustration and the fitter can also narrow down the overwhelming bra choices available at most stores. I recommend going to a specialty lingerie store or larger department store for this service. Want an idea of your size before you get there, check out the Bra Sizing Quick Reference Guide, free in the Resource Library.

Not replacing bras on time

Bras have a definite life cycle. They do not last forever. Repeat they don't last forever! Even expensive ones, your favorite one, your special occasion one!

There are a lot of factors that determine how long a bra will last you even if you don't change size. One factor is how much you sweat. Over time sweat and heat break down the fibers in your clothing and since bras are right next to your skin they get the worst of the wear and tear.

Another factor is bra lifecycle is how often you wear it. Your everyday bras will wear wear out more than your special occasion strapless you wear once a year. 

What type of bra also plays an important role in how often you will need to plan (and budget) to replace your bras. Sports bras take a lot of abuse, between stretching to support your bosom during exercise and dealing with sweat these bras will need to be replaced most frequently. Sexy attire that you wear briefly will likely not need to be replaced as often.

Bras with visual damage that you can't easily have fixed should be replaced. Things like underwires poking out, stretched out shape (hello no support), too tight or loose straps that aren't adjustable are keys that it's time to get rid of these brassieres. Also check what hook you are wearing your bra on, if you're on the tightest hooks and you don't have the support you used to it is probably time to replace. Bras lose their elasticity over time, because all that stretching, body heat and sweat damage the fabrics.

Well here you have 3 mistakes women make about their bras that has nothing to do with their size! Make sure to check in with your bra inventory and review how you are caring for them, if they still fit and course replace them when it is time.

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