Assess Your Body Shape in 2 Seconds

The one thing that most people don't know about curvy women's bodies is that they mostly come in 2 shapes. Now don't get me wrong women's bodies come in countless beautiful shapes and sizes. Although there are endless variations of measurements, shapes and weight distributions, for the most part, there are a handful of basic shapes for ladies.

The power of boiling down your shape into the most basic building block is that you will be able to easily remember what works for you when you're facing shopping temptation. 

Now onto the 2 second assessment. The majority of curvy women fit into one of two basic shapes, either apple or pear. Most women carry their weight either up top or down on the bottom.

So your 2 second test goes like this, look at yourself in a full body mirror and divide yourself in half vertically. Decide which half looks bigger, no need for measurements for this quick check. So if you're top half is heavier choose apple and if your bottom half is heavier choose pear.

I know that fruit names can seem really cliche, but I do think it's an easy way to remember. Now that you've completed your 2 second appraisal let's talk about what to do with that information.

General characteristics


Apple shaped women tend to carry their weight around the top 1/2 of their body. Traditionally we think of apple shapes as women who carry their weight around their stomach. I want to expand that in this context to include busty women and women who have broad shoulders. Apple shapes tend to have slim lower bodies in proportion to the top of them. 


Women who carry their weight on the lower part of their bodies can be generalized as pear shaped. Pear shaped women tend to have a slimmer upper body and full lower body. Their hips, thighs, and legs are generous, especially when compared to their face, shoulders and bust.

Best Features


  • Lower body

  • Hips

  • Legs

  • Thighs


  • Upper body

  • Face

  • Bust

  • Waist

  • Back

  • Often arms

Tips for Flattering Clothing


Apple shaped women sometimes have a battle with looking "cute" when she tries to dress up. Some tips to avoid looking cute or frumpy for your apple shaped body are to fake a waist while disguising your largest width (stomach, bust, shoulder). You should also work to extend your outfit up and down, think longer. Also, work to showcase your best features!


Pear shaped women often have to work hard to avoid looking bottom heavy and out of proportion. Pears should work to bring emphasis to the top of their body and also emphasize their small waist. The top half of a pear often looks petite in comparison to her lower half. If this is the case, you can work on visual illusions to broaden your upper body. 

While this assessment is a super simple one, it is powerful if used. Knowing the right features to highlight and looks to avoid after this quick test are some of the benefits of this assessment. This will save you time, money and frustration when trying on clothing and building a wardrobe.

If you have the basics down and are wanting a more thorough body shape assessment, check out the Body Shape Calculator. Now you will need your measurements so grab a measuring tape and click here.

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