How to Find Your Personal Style

Style is eternal.

At least in my humble opinion. Personally, I think people often confuse personal style with trends. Trends change often, with lifecycles as short as one runway season. However, style passes the test of time.

Style of course is very personal, a reflection of yourself. Do you know your personal style?

Let's get started by taking a look at the main categories of women's styles. Plus I have a free printable guide for these personal styles available in the Resource Library, details at the bottom of this post.


Romantics gravitate towards soft, flowing fabrics and styles. Romantic women tend to wear clothing that showcases their feminine features. Women who dress in the romantic style may have to fight against looking too cutesy or girly.



An eclectic woman dresses how she wants to do. This style may also be called artistic. She mixes fabrics, styles and trends as she best sees fit. Eclectic women need to be mindful not to go to far down the rabbit hole and look just plain crazy.



A classic woman has an air of distinction. She always looks elegant and put together no matter the occasion. A classic woman may get stuck in a style rut as she rarely changes her look.



The casual style is easy going, friendly and approachable. This style is often thought of as "the girl next door" and very natural. Sporty looks also fall into this category. Depending on what environment the casual styled lady finds herself in, her look may send a too laid back message.



Just like the name implies the dramatic woman loves to make an entrance. She likes to go big and bold or she just stays home. She gravitates toward fashion forward looks. The dramatic may need to turn down her look for certain situations and to avoid looking not approachable.



The trendy woman is closely aligned with the dramatic style but with one distinct difference. Where the dramatic woman seeks to make an entrance by being different, the trendy woman doesn't have a distinct style per se. She is constantly re-inventing herself as new trends emerge. The trendy lady needs to balance her love of new styles with her personal features and environment.


My rule of thumb to find your personal style is to first figure out what type of clothing you enjoy wearing. Then take a good look at those garments and figure out what style they represent. Make note of it. Next you will need to be honest with yourself and ask yourself what type of image do you want others to see. Are these two styles similar or far apart on the style spectrum? If they are similar good job, you can leave things as they are or just do a little bit of refinement to refresh your style.

If there is a mismatch between the style you actually wear and the look you want others to see, then you have some work to do.

First decide what is most important to you, how you dress now or how you want others to view you. If you decide you want to be seen differently, it is important to figure out what you want your personal style to say. Review these 6 basic women's styles and determine what direction you want your personal style to go in.

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