Take Pride in Your Appearance in 3 Steps

Did you know that you can improve your self-confidence simply by taking pride in how you look?

Well it's true. Simply giving a little care about how you look actually changes (for the better) how you feel about yourself overall. Probably not too surprisingly when you really sit down and think about, right?

Now you've probably had a time or two when you looked in the mirror and were disappointed in the reflection you saw looking back at you. Hello trying on swimsuits under the glare the awful artificial lights that most clothing stores seem to have!

These type of moments will always try to sneak up and try to take away your joy and confidence, but I want to give you three ideas to help you take more care in your appearance which will increase your confidence.

  1. Be mindful - Stay in the moment. If you're out enjoying yourself on a date, don't let thoughts creep in about what that special person might think of you later in the evening. Work on staying in the present. Be aware of what you are doing and why.

  2. Be positive - Practice positive self-talk. Work on speaking words of affirmation and love to yourself. You don't have to do this in a mirror if you don't want. Don't let negative thoughts of your appearance ruin your day!

  3. Take time - Take time each day to just recognize how wonderful and important you are. Make and take time to get ready the way you want to. Many women spend all of their time taking care of others and no time on themselves.

When you wake up each morning feeling down about how you look or feel can lead to being unmotivated and less productive. This combination can make you feel as if you are not worthy and bring a feeling of despair. Don't cause unnecessary stress by avoiding the things that are holding you back from radical self-confidence. This is why taking pride in your health and appearance can be so helpful.

Making your overall health and how you look a priority can increase your happiness, decrease negativity and make you feel accomplished, which all leads to a heightened sense of self-confidence.

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