You’re A…

Budding Fashionista


When you look over the last few years you realize you’ve really stepped up your style game. You’re almost on Olivia Pope status (Scandal)

Now you probably wouldn’t call yourself a fashionista, but everyone you know does. Although everyone else thinks you have your fashion locked down you know that you have a few finishing touches before you feel your style is flawless.

Read on to solve those few pesky things so that you can knock your style out of the park.

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.
— Coco Chanel

You know you’re rocking the style game, but you also know you’re just missing one key to take your style to the next level

1. Invest in quality shapewear

You already know how vital shapewear is to your overall style. You have most of the right pieces to go under your favorite looks. But I want to challenge you to invest some time into looking for quality shapewear for all of your clothing.

As you know shapewear serves as the foundation to any clothing. If your clothes don’t have a decent base to lay on they will not look their best. If you clothes don’t look their best, then neither will you.

Quality undergarments does not necessarily mean more expensive. It means investing in the right pieces for your body that are made well.

Quality shapewear will last longer and wear better. This is why it’s an investment. If you pay a little more upfront but it last twice as long, that’s a great investment.

Some signs of quality include a full size range. Companies that are truly invested in a great product try to make sure most women can use them. Check out online reviews for shapewear you are interested in and see what other people have said about their experiences.

When you look at quality shapewear you will notice that they use high quality fabrics that are smooth and feel nice to the touch. When you look inside the shapewear it looks just as good as the outside. There are not loose or messy threads. Edges have a finishing edge of sewing that looks neat and professional. On the outside you will often see nice details like bows, loops or flowers that look nice and are centered.

Keep in mind these little tips while you go shopping so that you can find high quality shapewear.

2. Expand your wardrobe options

Style is all about learning and growing. What clothing fits your style right now may not serve you at all in 6 months. You already have a signature look. So it’s a good idea to think about expanding your wardrobe.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of mundane. Don’t get me wrong it is a beautiful accomplishment to have a functional wardrobe. But it can also trap you into a dated look.

When I say to refresh your wardrobe I don’t mean to go out and buy a whole new one. I mean to periodically add new pieces. Especially some unexpected trends. Spring and summer are great times to try new things.

Take some time to do some research on upcoming trends. Check out Pinerest or your favorite magazine. Or check your favorite fashion or beauty blogger.

A great way to play with your current  wardrobe is to try new accessories, old accessories worn in a new way or even just trying a new makeup look.

3. Get your favorite clothing custom fitted

Since you’ve pretty much nailed your style, the way for you to kick it up a notch is to get your favorites altered to your beautiful body. You may already have a seamstress in mind that your work with or need to find one.

If you haven’t worked with a sewing professional before, ask around for recommendations. You can also search online or see what department stores in your area offer this service.

Before you take your favorites to a new sewing professional take just one garment that you’re not too invested in. See how they do. Check the quality of their work and their timeliness before you need them for a big event or your favorite dress!

Getting your favorite clothing fitted to your body will literally make you look like a star. One of the industry secrets on tv shows is that the clothing is customized for each actor (hello Olivia Pope!). This insures that our favorite TV stars look flawless on screen.

If you want to really wow, consider commissioning clothing. Custom made (not just fit) clothing is really the icing on the cake. Imagine having clothes made from your specific measurements. There are online services that do this as well as in person. Please use your due diligence before sending any money or signing any agreements!

Maybe you’re wondering how I know so much about curvy girl clothing that fits and feels good?  

Let me introduce myself…

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Over the years I’ve dedicated time, money and energy into attending New York Fashion Academy, reading as many personal style books, blogs and resources as possible and spending time helping others.

I am here to help you look your [Sorority] best.

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