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When it comes to style, you’ve pretty much nailed it. You’re like Michelle Obama.

You’re the person everyone else comes to for style advice and to borrow that cute pair of shoes. While you’ve got a great sense of style you know that your clothing doesn’t always fit the way you would like it to.

Read on to find out how to hammer you style all the way in!

I don’t do fashion. I am fashion.
— Coco Chanel

I’m almost flawless with my style

1. Don’t be afraid to shake things up a bit
Since you have a signature style already, it’s easy to get stuck in that rut. Don’t get me wrong it is excellent to have a uniform of sorts. It just takes a little extra effort to keep things interesting.

I want you to go through your jewelry and accessories. Look for pieces you rarely/never wear. It could be statement pieces or maybe items you save for special occasions. Challenge yourself to try out a new piece from your forgotten stash at least a few times a week.

Don’t be afraid to mix in some trendy pieces as well. It won’t take much to refresh your look since you already have a great foundation. You don't have to spend a lot of money on pieces you will only wear for a season or two. Discounted stores like H&M, the plus section at Forever 21 and the sale section at your favorite shop may be a great place to shop for new pieces.

The biggest thing is just to get out of your comfort zone. Ask a stylish friend or coworker where they shop or even invite them for a shopping trip. Bonus points if their style is different from them.

Spend some time each season looking at the new trends. This could be online using Pinterest or a magazine like Elle or Harper’s Bazaar. Or go old school and look at magazines or even ads from your local clothing stores.

Challenge yourself to find a seasonal trend that fits your overall style (or not). Commit to trying at least one trend a season. I’m not saying you have to stick to it, just give it a try. You’ll be surprised at what you end up really liking. Plus you’ll be refreshing your look, which is a good thing.

2. Develop a relationship with a tailor/seamstress

Since you already have a pretty amazing wardrobe, a good use of your clothing budget is putting it towards getting it fit to your beautiful curves. Alterations will take your overall style up at least 3 notches!

Almost no one fits clothing off the rack well. Usually we buy clothing to fit our biggest measurement and then just deal with the rest. So if you’re busty you buy tops that fit around your bust but that usually means the top is too big in the waist! Or you buy pants that fit your hips but they are too big in the waist.

Develop a relationship with a sewing professional before you need them. This will single step will make sure that you whenever you buy something new or change sizes you have someone who is familiar with your body.  Trust me this will save you time and energy plus enhance your style.

Sewing professionals go by different names like tailor/seamstress/alterations specialist/designer. It is important to ask someone you are considering what types of work they specialize in. Some professionals only do basic alterations like hems and adjusting the waistline. Others are much more robust in what they can do.

You can find sewing professionals in many different places. Many work from their home and have a web presence. Others work for a larger business like a higher end department store or a formal/wedding shop. The absolutely best way to find one is word of mouth.  So go ahead and ask around.

Once you've found someone you are considering working with ask to see their portfolio. Review their work.  See the kinds of alterations they do. See if they have any before and after a especially of someone with a similar body type to yours.  Also ask for a few references and call them. You want to know if they are professional and timely.

I know this may seem like overkill but you want to develop a long working relationship with this person.  As well as trusting them with your clothes! After you've found someone have them alter a simple piece of clothing that you're not too attached to. Inspect the work, turnaround time and overall experience.

3. Replace your shapewear as you change sizes or styles
A woman’s size is usually not static, it changes with stress, hormones, stages of life to name a few. Even when we purposely change our size through diet or exercise many of us hold on with dear life to the old clothes. I find this especially true with undergarments like bras and underwear.

For some strange reason we don’t want to replace our underwear! Especially the everyday pieces. So after a few years we end up with a mismatch collection of what I call shapewear. When I say shapewear I’m referring to any undergarment you may wear. So this includes panties, bras, girdles, Spanx, corsets, bustiers, camisoles, slips, etc.

When is the last time you’ve taken stock of your undergarments? When’s the last time you’ve shopped for undergarments not for a special occasion?

Bra sizes tend to need the most attention. It’s reported that the majority of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Let’s be honest bra shopping is not fun. Just like in clothing there does not seem to be a standardized size for anything!

I recommend getting a professional bra fitting. You can get these for free from a higher end department store or lingerie shop. There are also ways to measure yourself at home. Now once isn’t enough, I want you to promise yourself that whenever you lose or gain 10 or more pounds you will get refitted.

Onto a replacement plan. I recommend auditing your shapewear quarterly, so about every 3 months go through all your underclothes. The first time will probably be the longest, so pour yourself your favorite beverage and put some music on before you get started.

Begin your audit by grabbing all of your undergarments. Then sort them into a few piles:

1-Things that don’t fit, are stretched out, torn, or just worn out

2-Things that are ok but need to be replaced soon

3-Things that you like and fit well

Pile 1 gets thrown away. Jot down the items from pile 2 onto a master list (I like using notepad apps on my phone) so you can shop for them later. Third pile gets returned to your closet/dresser. In doing your audit you might realize you need some new items that you don’t have, add them to your list as well.

Maybe you’re wondering how I know so much about curvy girl clothing that fits and feels good?  

Let me introduce myself…

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Hi I’m Rosa

I love to help women look and feel their very best. I believe that Style and Grace is not a Size.

In my 17 years as a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. I’ve made more than my share of wardrobe malfunctions, fashion don’ts & wardrobe failures! It’s all been a learning experience.

Over the years I’ve dedicated time, money and energy into attending New York Fashion Academy, reading as many personal style books, blogs and resources as possible and spending time helping others.

I am here to help you look your [Sorority] best.

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