You’re A…

Rebel without a Cause


When it comes to buying new clothes, you’ve all but given up. You’re a bit like Kat Stratford (Julia Stiles) from 10 Things I Hate About You

You’ve tried so long and so hard to find clothes for your beautiful body, but you’re always disappointed. Clothing doesn’t fit your wonderful curves despite your best efforts. Even though you’ve sworn off fashion a thousand times you tend to get seduced by a sale or the newest trend.

You’ve vowed not to buy any more clothing but your closet is chock full of clothing mistakes. You’ve tried so many styles and ideas that your look is all over the place. After trying so hard for so long you’re in a state of “I don’t care.”

But the truth is you do care and I can help you easily get your style problems solved. Read on to get started.

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.
— Coco Chanel

You’ve taken the different part of this quote a bit too literally and your hodgepodge of styles just isn’t working

Have you ever wondered why you didn’t get called back for a second interview that you know you were super qualified for? Or why the guy you liked so much had friend zoned you?

I hate to say it but your appearance may have had a bigger role than you want to believe. I know, I know, people should judge you by your accomplishments and not your looks (I used to think this way too).

As my mom always says “should of, could of, would of.” No, those people shouldn’t judge you based on your looks, but they sure could’ve.

Let’s vow right now that even though you don’t care what others think of you (or you pretend not to) that you will give this style thing a chance. This could be the breakthrough you’ve needed. Imagine getting that promotion, the guy you dreamed about and living your best life.

Don’t worry, I’m not here to give you a tired list of do’s and don’ts.

What I am going to do is to help you come up with a plan to up your fit game which will automatically help you look more stylish without putting too much effort into the whole thing.

Do we have a deal?

1. Be open to trying new styles

Yes I know I vowed not to change your style. I’m not going back on my word, what I’m asking is for you to be willing to try new things. I know how easy it is to get stuck in a style rut. Even if your current style is an eclectic mix of bad mistakes.

Especially when nothing really fits right, the plus size section sucks and you have vowed to yourself that you are just going to give up.

Been there done that. And you know what, I didn’t have fun. I really thought I didn’t care what others thought but I did. I got passed up on some great opportunities because my boss didn’t see me in that role....not really her fault. I mean I was wearing sweats to work (first job out of college, in my defense ).

So just repeat after me, I [your name], vow to give some new clothes a chance. This may mean going out of your comfort zone to try styles you never imagined for yourself. You may just discover that the style you really resonate with isn’t in your myriad of clothing you have acquired over the years.

2. Invest in a few high quality wardrobe builders
I suspect you may have a closet full of clothing that just doesn't work. Maybe you bought it on sale or did some retail therapy. Or you’ve bounced up and down in sizes and you’re afraid to get rid of your bigger (or smaller) sizes.

You have a closet full of reminders of the times you failed or went over budget because you bought multiples because nothing was just quite right.

No matter how you came to acquire all of these extra pieces of clothing, your task (if you choose to accept it) is to sort through your clothing to see what works and what doesn’t.

What I mean by what works is that it:

  1. Fits you currently

  2. Fits the style you truly want to convey right now

  3. If it doesn’t work it only needs minor alterations (along the lines of a  hem, button replaced)

Once you’ve whittled down your wardrobe, get rid of the things that don’t meet the criteria above you. Now you might find that your closet is quite bare! That’s ok, we want to focus on getting quality over quantity. Clothing that really fits your body (as it is now).

Think about your lifestyle and the clothing you most often need to wear. This is where you should spend 80% of your clothing budget. Those of us that work full time should spend most of our clothing money on work clothes.

If you’re stumped on where you should start, I recommend these 7 pieces.

  1. Pencil Skirt

  2. Skinny jeans

  3. Blazer

  4. Twin set: Tank/Shell

  5. Matching sweater

  6. Dress

  7. Greek lettered fitted t-shirt

These  7 garments are great pieces to invest in. They work great with each other and make dressing a breeze.

3. Learn more your unique body shape
You and your physical body are beautifully unique! You are most definitely a multidimensional person! Being able to successfully categorize your body won't change that.

Learning your gorgeous body shape will actually give you more time to think and do the things you actually love like enjoying charity events rather than stressing about what to wear. You'll soon see that once you get this part down it will be super easy to get dressed.

I like to think that learning your body shape is a form of personal empowerment.  Almost like a super power, really. See once you have this skill you can quickly see if clothes are going to work for you before you try them on,  saving you time and money. See you're like your own version of Super Woman!

In order to get the most accurate results,you should either take your measurements; bust, waist, and hips or get a partner to draw a body map.

Please do yourself a favor and take new measurements. The most accurate way to do this is to grab a partner. If you don't have access to a partner there are special measuring tapes that will let you measure yourself.

Once you have your measurements you can easily plug them into an online body shape calculator and it will do the hard work for you.

If you chose to do a body map instead you will need someone to help you. You will need to wear close fitting clothing that doesn't smoosh you. No Spanx! First start with a large piece of paper and either tape it to the wall or lay on floor. Either stand against the wall or lay on the paper.  Your partner will trace you. Then look at your silhouette and match it up to the basic body shapes.

Once you have your body shape you are armed and dangerous. You can then research what looks good and what to avoid to look your best.

Maybe you’re wondering how I know so much about curvy girl clothing that fits and feels good?  

Let me introduce myself…

More Style advice below.png

Hi I’m Rosa

I love to help women look and feel their very best. I believe that Style and Grace is not a Size.

In my 17 years as a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. I’ve made more than my share of wardrobe malfunctions, fashion don’ts & wardrobe failures! It’s all been a learning experience.

Over the years I’ve dedicated time, money and energy into attending New York Fashion Academy, reading as many personal style books, blogs and resources as possible and spending time helping others.

I am here to help you look your [Sorority] best.

Action Steps to Graduate from

Rebel without a Cause

Try on a new personal style

Personal style is being able to find clothing that you like and wear it in a way that the unique you are showcased but not drown out by them. You should wear your clothes not the other way around. Learn more about finding your own unique style in this article.

Learn the best places to shop for curvy clothing

Quality clothing for curvy down can be challenging to find. I have a shopping resource guide broken down to types of garments. There are over 45 online places to shop.

Stop guessing your body shape and figure it out for good

Grab a tape measure and use this easy body shape calculator to figure out your beautiful body shape. Once you have your shape and a few key pieces of information you will be able to find the clothing that fits you.  So less wasted shopping time (and money).

Ready for more Curvy Style Advice? Here’s what happens next…  

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